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Wangchuck’s Journey of Woodworking and Empowerment in Babesa

Early mornings in Babesa, a quaint place, come alive with the rhythmic symphony of hammers and chisels, as 24 ambitious youths, led by the talented Wangchuk, embark on a journey of transforming ordinary wood into extraordinary works of art.

For Wangchuk and his team of carpenters, the day begins long before the sun graces the horizon. At 9 AM, while most people are still tucked away in their beds, they gather at their workshop, which stands like a hidden gem amidst the lush greenery. The workshop buzzes with excitement and creativity as each artisan takes their place, ready to bring life to their ideas.

Wangchuk, a seasoned carpenter with a passion for craftsmanship, has been honing his skills for over a decade. His expertise ranges from intricate furniture design to awe-inspiring wood carvings. With his infectious enthusiasm and dedication to the craft, he has become a mentor for the youth in the community, inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

As the sun gradually paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, Wangchuk addresses his young apprentices, setting the tone for the day. “In each piece of wood, there lies a story waiting to be told. Let us channel our creativity and passion into every stroke of our tools, and together, we shall create masterpieces that will be cherished for generations,” he declares, igniting a fire of determination in the eyes of the youth.

Their work is not merely a routine job; it is an amalgamation of love and artistry.

Wangchuck, born and raised in the serene village of Japu in Wangdue Phodrang, inherited his love for woodworking from his great-grandparents. With woodworking deeply embedded in his family’s heritage, he learned the art from his late father, who was a revered expert in the field. From a young age, Wangchuck’s heart was captivated by the allure of wood, and he found solace and joy in transforming raw timber into intricate pieces of art. His passion for woodworking blossomed into a lifelong pursuit, and he further honed his skills at the esteemed National Institute for Zorig Chusum, where he received comprehensive training in traditional arts and crafts. Working in various woodworking companies after his training allowed him to gain invaluable knowledge and experience, shaping him into the skilled artisan he is today.  


Comfortable, hiding surprisingly many items despite quite neat dimensions, made of noble species of wood and created by hand.


certification is intended to guarantee that forest management is ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.

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